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Here's what a patient who used to have migraine headaches says about treatment with Dr. Lucas who practices acupuncture in Denver's Capitol Hill.
Thank you so much for really and truly giving me my life back. Nothing I've ever done has made this kind of difference in my quality of health. I thought this would never happen! Thanks again!

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The patient is 29 years old. She stopped taking birth control pills last June (2005) and hoped to become pregnant within the year. Well, her first few periods after getting off the pill were pretty irregular. Then, after having a period in January (06) she didn't have another period for 4 months. I told her that one of Traditional Chinese Medicine's specialties is women's health issues (PMS, irregular periods, etc.) but she said she didn't have time for acupuncture treatments. She saw an OB-GYN who told her that everything looked good and she had normal lab results for the general tests (hormones, etc.). Further, the MD told her that she thought she would start her period any minute. "But, just in case you don't, here's a prescription for Provera. If you take it and you start your period, everything is fine. If you don't start, we'll have to do more tests."

Well, the young woman did not want to take any more hormones so she put it off and put it off. Her period still did not start - 5 months without a period. I couldn't stand it any longer. I took some little acupuncture needles on tape over to her house and asked if I could please please put them on. She agreed. The next day she started spotting and the day after that she started a full blown period. One week later I started my special fertility treatment on her and 4 weeks later, a positive pregnancy test!!! Granted, this happened very quickly while most might take 3 to 6 months worth of treatment (and I treat both the male and female).

Do you have any of the following symptoms or conditions?
• Sports injuries
• Hot flashes, night sweats, and other symptoms associated with Menopause
• Fibromyalgia
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Depression, anxiety, impulse control conditions
• The need to lose weight (treated using Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture for the abdomen)
• Wrinkles (treated using Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture)
• Allergies
• A desire to maintain good health and prevent disease
Call me to discuss how Acupuncture will help as well as what your other treatment options are.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treats the whole person so that healing can be complete. Martha Lucas, Ph.D., L.Ac. practices Acupuncture in Denver, CO, where she specializes in teaching people about the connections between their physical health, their emotions or mental state, and their history. She helps people enjoy better health and increased happiness through the use of therapies from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

TCM is a comprehensive system of medicine, over 4,000 years old, that includes a variety of therapies: nutrition, herbal prescriptions, QiGong, and the most well known therapy - acupuncture. Acupuncture is becoming increasingly accepted as a medical treatment. In fact, the National Library of Medicine at NIH has thousands of studies on Acupuncture and TCM in its archives. Please contact Dr. Lucas if you have any questions about the effectiveness of TCM and Acupuncture as medical treatments.